I love our city and I know many residents share this sentiment. In order for us to prosper, we need to listen to each other and work together to make a prosperous future our reality. It is time for us to challenge City Hall insiders, to reject negative thinking and shadowy practices. As your next council person, I WILL ...


Be accountable to my constituents.

Elected officials have a responsibility to their constituents, not to the industries financing their campaigns. This responsibility includes seeking public input on controversial matters, defending their voting records at public events, and defending the general public’s right to speak out on government issues.

I will be a full-time city council person, making myself available at Neighborhood Association meetings and other community events, for candid conversations with my constituents, and will hold regular town hall meetings in order to field questions.

City Image

Work to restore trust in our local government and help revitalize the city’s image from “a great place to be from” to “a great place to live”

Wichita simply does not come across as welcoming and friendly as we’d like to believe. That attitude is reflective of our city’s leadership, and can be measured in many ways: by the numbers of young professionals leaving the community; by residents who have voices but little power to effect needed change; and via governmental policies and procedures that circumvent progress rather than enhance it.

I will fight against the current trend of passing the buck and will push for policies to combat retaliation against city employees, vendors, and contractors, for reporting government improvement opportunities.


Work to create a vision and plan for attracting the types of jobs we want rather than relying on pet projects

Wichita has tremendous unrealized potential for economic growth. However, we lack a unified vision in regards to the kind of economy we want to create for our future. Entertainment districts are fine, but bars, restaurants and retail shops are a small beginning. It is time to turn our focus to industries and organizations that offer diverse career opportunities, attract multigenerational talent, and demonstrate growth potential.

I will listen to the wisdom of my constituents and fight to ensure that our city has a vision, and a sustainable plan in place, to develop the resources necessary to attract the types of companies and jobs we want.


Work to develop a well planned, citywide focus for our infrastructure that does not defer maintenance on essential services, or deprive certain communities of amenities

Pet projects and budget surpluses strangle our community through indefinite delayed maintenance, understaffed city agencies, disproportionate investment in certain parts of our city, and ineffective city/vendor relations management.

Public Safety

Treat Public Safety as a multi-faceted issue and fight for a sufficiently funded and staffed multi-agency approach

Public safety cannot be guaranteed by simply putting more officers on the streets (which we do need); encouraging citizens to become educated about and participants in safe practices is also critical. Code enforcement needs to address blight in a timely and efficient manner to avoid creating breeding grounds for unsavory behaviors. Mental health professionals are needed to respond to mental health crises, and to train/collaborate with police officers and other first responders. We need compensation packages that ensure our public safety professionals stay in Wichita after we train them. We need multi-agency cooperation to ensure best practices and accountability, clearly defined job responsibilities/expectations and a system for handling problems, complaints, and/or unsatisfactory employees.

Social Justice

Take a proactive approach to celebrating our differences and our similarities.

The key here, and in all issues, is communication. The most important facet of communication is listening. Through respectful dialogue we learn about others, and about ourselves in the process.

I propose bringing back advisory boards to address: Health and Human Wellness; Poverty; Veterans Affairs; Racial Relations; Civil Rights; Women’s Issues; Youth; and LGBTQ+ Issues. I will also propose a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance, in order to protect members of our community from discrimination in employment and housing, on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I believe in a Wichita who stands up for what is right and says, “Bigotry is not welcome here.”


Not play games with city procedures, budgets, or processes.

Our government officials cannot be allowed to disburse millions of OUR tax dollars behind closed doors. I will fight to end no bid contracts, inform local businesses of the city contract bidding process, and push for public discussion of any ordinances dealing with the city leasing, buying, or selling any property.

As your City Councilwoman, I will not vote for any proposal or ordinance, via consent agenda, while there is organized opposition - each person deserves to have their voice on the record.